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Welcome to Magic by Bill.  This site is brought to you by Magician Bill McKinney of Massillon, Ohio.  Bill has been a magician for most of his 57 years, showing his first signs of magical “powers” at the age of 10 or 11 by putting on a magic show in the garage for the neighborhood kids.  This, of course, was much more fun the watching a pot of beans cook away on the family’s stove.  The resulting smoke damage to the house landed Magician Bill on “magic probation” both by this parents and the insurance company.  The house was damaged only by smoke and no fire damage resulted from this magical adventure.  Jobs and raising a family got in the way of Magician Bill getting overly serious (I suppose he was afraid of burning the house down!  Burnt beans can leave a very bad taste in one’s mouth.) with his magic though the years.  His love for the art never died and he realized something “magical” was missing in his life.  He has three wonderful children that he could not be prouder of if he had pulled them out of his top hat!  After the kids left the “nest” Magician  Bill began getting serious with his magic once again.  Soon he was giving “free samples” out to anyone who would watch.  Watch they did.  One day while doing some impressive magic in a restaurant the owner came over and asked him if he’d like to come in on the weekends and do this for his customers.  Magician Bill, not being shy, said sure why not.  This launched Bill and his magician talents to the public.  Magician Bill now had a following, and requests began coming in to do parties and shows.  Starting out doing close up magic, Magician Bill soon realized that he needed to get some stage tricks perfected.  He became quite the student of stage magic.  Magician Bill has put together quite a nice stage show and it has been playing all across the northeast Ohio area.  Bill continues working his magical art at restaurants in the Canton, Massillon area of Ohio and does volunteer work at Akron Children’s Hospital.  He gets great joy of just being able to bring a smile to the face of the children who are there.  If fact, Magician Bill gets great joy out of seeing the smiles on peoples faces where ever he is.  You may catch him giving an impromptu show in a restaurant, gas station, hotel lobby, anywhere!  He just loves magic and his performance reflects that fact.  Magician Bill McKinney is a member of the Canton Magic Crafters club.  You can use the contact information given here to contact Magician Bill to arrange a performance for your next event, be it close up or stage.  Magician Bill will tailor a show to fit your needs.   The rate that Magician Bill charges, sometimes get him grief from his fellow magicians for being so low.  The joy it brings to Magician Bill to see the smiles on the faces of his audiences, according to him, is worth something so he passes that savings along to his clients.   If you have an event coming up then be sure to contact Magician Bill for your entertainment,  I know he’d be happy to help you and you will be left smiling!  


Rates start as low as $75 per event!


Contact Magician Bill McKinney for your event! 

Phone: (330) 830-1544

Email: MagicByBill@gmail.com





Some photos of Magician Bill McKinney at work.


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